ILM Level 5 Award in Leadership: limited places still available

The ILM Level 5 Award in Leadership aims to develop, within individuals, a clear understanding of their own preferred leadership style.

It looks at the different elements of leadership and allows for self-reflection on the application of your own leadership styles. The programme is aimed at middle managers and academic staff and this current cohort starts in March, details below.

The programme is delivered  by using a blended method of learning which will involve workshops, tutorials, peer-to-peer sessions and distance learning which will be mainly reading and reflection.

Dates are as follows:


28/3/17 Induction session – outline of qualification, ILM student membership, overview of programme and delivery methods, discussion of assignment and timescales for the programme 9.15 – 12.30
5/4/17 Session 1

Overview of leadership theories and models and the development of these, qualities of good leadership, the role of leadership at MMU and the differences between leadership & management

9:15 – 16:30
15/5/17 Session 2

Candidates presentations on motivation, review of motivation theories, how to build motivation in teams. Delegation and empowerment the process and the benefits

9:15 – 16:30
24/5/17 Tutorial 1 – looking at the ILM 72 diagnostic. Using the coaching model to help people reflect on their own Leadership traits and the impact on them, the team and the organisation 9:15 – 12.30
14/6/17 Tutorial 2 – Damien Hughes take on Leadership and leaders, group preparation/individual tutorial time 9.15 – 12.30
28/6/17 Session 3

The EI leader candidate presentations. Culture in organisations and the impact on leaders and leadership approaches

9:15 – 16:30
26/7/17 Session 4

Leading change and transformation, tools for leaders to use, maintaining your own morale and supporting others when change is happening. Using the AI approach

9:15 – 16:30
TBC Final assignment tutorials Individual sessions by appointment