Are you a woman between 18-55 who currently smokes and who is trying to give up?

A Pilot Study To Test An Appearance-Related Intervention For Use With Women Smokers

Are you a woman between 18-55 who currently smokes and who is trying to give up?

We are looking for women smokers to help us to test an appearance-related intervention.

We are planning a study to look at whether age-progression facial morphing can help women to stop smoking, and we need to test our procedures before we use them in a large-scale intervention study, so we are asking for volunteer women smokers aged 18-55 years who have had at least one quit attempt to help us to do this.

The test session will take about 45 minutes and will be carried out at Brooks Building at a time to suit you.

We will take your photograph and will show you how your face is likely to age if you continue to smoke or if you quit smoking.

We are interested in how people respond physiologically to the facial morphing intervention, so we will be attaching small clips (electrodes) on three of your fingers to record heart rate and other physiological indicators. This is completely painless.

We will also be asking you to complete a questionnaire which asks questions about you and your smoking, stress, and some health-related questions, and we will ask you to give us feedback on how easy this questionnaire is to complete.

We want to know your views on the intervention, and you will be interviewed after taking part. Interviews will be audio-recorded.

If this sounds interesting and you are able to help, please contact Maria Cordero on or Sarah Grogan onĀ