10k tales: Stephanie Aldred, Acting Director of the Language Centre

stephanie-aldredYou could say I’m a regular participant of the Manchester 10K: I did it 10 years ago to celebrate entering my fiftieth year and it seems a good moment to try and get round in one piece again in 2017.

I run twice a week with friends and neighbours; we meet on the road at 6.30 for an hour of quality gossip interspersed by bursts of jogging and even running. We particularly like Fog Lane park in midwinter, when it more than lives up to its name – it’s such fun finding half-frozen puddles and stray dogs underfoot in the pitch dark.

Although we don’t usually do actual races (the friendships are more important), the Manchester 10K is brilliant.  So many entrants forget to train for it so you’re able to overtake several hundred ‘runners’ without being any good at all. In addition, there is the music, the goody bags and, as it’s a special occasion, we even allow the HABs (husbands and boyfriends) to come along and carry our stuff.

For me, running affords a tremendous sense of satisfaction that I’m able to transport myself along at a reasonable pace non-stop for half an hour or so without anything terrible happening. My proudest moments have been beating people’s sixteen-year-old daughters over distance (it’s all about psychology and the guile that comes with age). It really is an inspiring, sociable thing to do at any stage of life and I fully intend to be there in 2027.

Colleagues should enter the 10K to feel a real glow of achievement, however modest, in enthusiastic company.

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