Become a run leader – for free

MMU Sport is offering the opportunity to become a qualified run leader completely free of charge! The offer is open to anyone who is interested and requires no previous qualifications. The course, which will run over the course of a day, would normally cost £160 but MMU Sport is prepared to cover this fee for anyone interested in completing the course – they just have to be willing and able to support our existing running groups or start a new run club, with support from MMU Sport of course!

So if you are a seasoned runner or just love running with company then get yourself booked onto this course so that you can deliver sessions the way that you have always believed they should be delivered.

The course will teach you how to deliver fun and safe sessions for multi-ability groups whilst also acting as the first step on a pathway of development for those who may also be interested in progressing beyond just this qualification. Whether you aspire to coach Olympic-level runners one day or just want to be develop the skill set necessary to deliver good running session this qualification is the first step.

For those of you who may not be interested in becoming a run leader but are still keen to contribute in some way we are also offering the opportunity to become a qualified running guide, assisting blind and partially-sighted runners during group runs or club runs. The running leadership qualification is not required as a pre-requisite and again, MMU Sport will cover the fee for the course. The running guide course is a great opportunity to learn how to make running more inclusive for all and provides invaluable assistance for blind and partially-sighted runners.

If you are interested in either of these opportunities then contact us at