New smartphone app to enhance campus safety

Manchester Metropolitan considers the personal wellbeing of its students and staff as one of its top priorities and the University upholds an impeccable record on safety. Whilst our campuses are already very safe, we are continuously looking at ways to introduce new technology that enhances and adds value to the systems that ensure the safety and security we provide offers the best experiences possible for staff and students.

As a result, we are excited to announce the launch of a new service called SafeZone, which is a smart phone app. SafeZone enables users to call for help and assistance right where and when they need it most. Through the SafeZone app, we want to give you extra assurance in relation to personal safety, giving immediate access to security and first responders 24/7, all immediately accessible through your mobile phone.

The CriticalArc Safezone app, designed to deliver a rapid, robust response to incidents on any scale, from an individual request for first aid to comprehensive emergency management for a major critical event, is viewed as a great new opportunity for the University.

As a staff member the particular benefits offered with the Safezone App is that as well as allowing users to summon emergency support, medical assistance and general help via a single tap on their smartphone, with today’s trend towards 24/7 study and lone working, a check-in function is offered by the App. This function offers users additional monitoring while working in faculty buildings alone or travelling solo late at night.

No matter where you are within the University geo-fenced zones, ‘one tap’ of this mobile phone App automatically transmits an alert direct to the university’s Security Team.

What’s more, geo-fenced Safe Zones can be easily set up anywhere worldwide to offer staff or students emergency support while on overseas or assignments. Where there are large-scale threats or incidents, home or abroad, a mass-notification feature can facilitate instant broadcast alerts, warnings or context-specific updates to keep all relevant users informed as a situation unfolds.

The launch is initially aimed at Manchester Met staff before a subsequent launch to students at a future date.

Download the SafeZone App from your phone store using the link below:

Note that SafeZone only shares your location when you ask for help or check-in for working alone, it does not track you at other times, so your privacy is respected at all times.

By using SafeZone you are accepting the End User Licence Agreement:

Look out for more information through promotional events to be held at the University.

The integrity of personal information is protected at all times by CriticalArc’s stringent privacy protocols. Driving significant efficiencies and cost savings, SafeZone helps to safeguard university reputations, strengthen competitive advantage and enable preparedness against environmental and physical threats.

  • The app is free to use for our students and staff
  • It takes up minimal storage space on your phone.

You can find out more about SafeZone’s features at