Sport: get fit with MMU Sport and Platt Lane offer

Five low cost ways to be fit at work

Who wants to spend money on exercise when there’s important things like coffee and sausage rolls to spend your lunch budget on? Check out five free or almost free things you can do to keep fit (or look the part) while on All Saints.

  • Walk with us on Wednesday. It’s free, it’s weekly, and you get to know facts about the area which will help you win your next pub quiz.  Meet at the Business School at 12.30pm. If you can’t make it on Wednesday, walk on over to Birley building, and pick up an organic salad or vegan cake at Grano and feel super smug. If you’re based in Birley, don’t cheat – walk over to Eighth Day opposite All Saints for that same smug feeling!
  • Free classes and activities – the MMU Sport team offer free activity and classes. You can sweat with the students, work out alone or if the idea of bumping into students in your gym kit leaves you cold, there are even staff only sessions.  Check out
  • Smash it with a racket – squash: the ultimate stress busting sport –is on for free early on a Tuesday morning at the Sugden from 7 to 8.20am. if you prefer to spend that time in bed (and who wouldn’t) it’s only £1.50 at Sugden Sports Centre from Monday to Friday 7am-4pm. Cheaper than two sausage rolls and better for you!
  • Run away from work – even if you can barely run one minute, Jonathan and Ro will gently escort you off the premises while humming Eye of the Tiger. Our beginners running group meets Tuesday at 12.30pm, and we cater for a range of abilities. If you prefer to jog off after work, there’s a Thursday session at 4.45pm meeting at All Saints.
  • Love the smell of chlorine in the afternoon? We have free swim sessions at the Aquatics Centre with the added fitness bonus of trying to cross Oxford Rd safely! The dedicated MMU Sport lanes will make you feel like a pro! If our times don’t work for you, just wave your Man Met staff ID at the reception and they only charge you £2. How many sausage rolls is that?!


On your marks, get set and get ready for the 10k at Platt Lane Sports Complex

Platt Lane Sports Complex will help anyone running the Manchester 10k get into tiptop shape. Exclusive to those who have signed up for the 10k, Platt Lane is offering a special three-month membership package for just £36. The three-month membership package will be valid from 1st March 2017 before expiring on 31st May 2017 allowing you to take full advantage of Platt Lane’s facilities during the most crucial period of training for the 10k which takes place on May 28th.

Platt Lane offers a top of the range fitness suite, a performance and conditioning suite as well a variety of fitness classes that you can use to get yourself in shape for the 10k. It’s just a short bus or cycle away from the All Saints Campus and is open until 10pm on weekdays.

Staff are keen to help you understand your training plans, you can take advantage of the treadmills when the weather isn’t kind plus they can give you a strength and conditioning programme that will keep you injury free – all things that will help you enjoy your 10k training and race day.

To take advantage of this offer sign up at or pop into the gym to take a look around. There’s still time to sign up to the 10k so visit