Want to run the Great Manchester Run 10k but are scared you might come last?

Team #McrMetProud say there is nothing wrong with coming last – and are delighted to welcome Dawn Nisbet, the regular parkrunner and heroine of the back-of-pack runners, for the 10k Simplyhealth Great Manchester Run.

dawn-nisbetPhoto by Femmesports.com

Dawn made news headlines last year when the photo, above, of her joyously celebrating the end of an Oldham parkrun while in last place went viral after it was shared on Facebook.

She received scores of messages from others saying she has spurred them to get out there and exercise.

Dawn said: “I’m 41, overweight and quite shy so to feel that I have inspired one person is just amazing.”

Dawn says she is “super excited” to run the Manchester 10k as part of the Great Manchester Run to help encourage people  at the University who may doubt their abilities to get into running.

“If you always focus on what you can’t achieve you won’t challenge yourself to go out and try,” she said.

“To change your tomorrow you need to change what you’re doing today.

“I promise the sense of achievement of doing something amazing drives you on to do more.”

MMU Sport launched discounted entries into the Manchester 10k in December last year, specifically targeting ‘Couch to 10k runners’, using realistic images of women and encouraging run-walkers or power walkers to take part.

MMU Sport also run a beginners jogging club where running, jogging and walking are all welcome.

Dozens of entries have come in from first-time runners, including those who state their scheduled time as “half a day” and those citing their motivation for entering as “to do something before I became perfectly spherical!”

So if something is holding you back from running, push it aside and channel your inner Dawn.

Seventy-eight per cent of those at the Great Run have never done it before and you’ll be surrounded by hundreds of people in the same boat as you.

To enter the 10k alongside Dawn and hundreds of Manchester Met staff and students visit http://www2.mmu.ac.uk/great-manchester-run/

Many of those running are raising money for a variety of charities and causes including the University’s own First Generation campaign to help talented teenagers become the first member of their family to access and perform well in higher education.

If you’re part of the team and want to highlight your own JustGiving page or you are thinking about joining the team see the special McrMetProud JustGiving page.

Dawn isn’t the only famous famous joining team #McrMetProud  – Enter the Great Manchester 10k now and the first 6 people to enter will win a meeting with Olympian and Strictly star Greg Rutherford. Find out more here.