10K Tales: Helen Laville, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Education

Why I am doing the 10K?
Helen Laville, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Education

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I have been a runner in the past – I even worked my way up to a half-marathon about ten years ago.  I remember crossing that finishing line, and thinking ‘This is great!  I am going to keep training and do a full marathon!’ Instead of which, without the motivation of a race ahead of me, I quietly sunk further and further into the couch.

I did the Manchester 10k about a year after my half-marathon, and really enjoyed it – it has a fantastic atmosphere and a great sense of community. I’ve always thought about doing it again, and when the Manchester Met website started promoting it, I signed up to be part of Team #McrMetProud.

I joined Manchester Met in May of last year, and running the 10k in May this year with my new colleagues and students feels like a really nice way to celebrate my first year here!  I am currently doing a rather slow 5k park run, so am working on adding a little bit more every week so I can get to 10k.

First Generation is a fantastic cause.  Reading the stories of students who work so hard to get to university, and how it changes their lives is really inspirational. When I am out running and thinking about how difficult it is, I think about how important it is to just keep going when I feel like giving up. It’s true for running, but equally true for the efforts many of our students make to get to university and make it through.

I’m not out to achieve a particular time, or finish in a particular group, I just want to be able to keep on going the whole way round.