10k Tales: Ruth Jenkins, University Librarian

Ruth Jenkins, University Librarian

This is the first time I’ve been involved in any kind of race at all. I take part in the Manchester Met lunchtime walks on Wednesdays and that was how I found out you could walk the 10k if you wanted to. I wanted the opportunity to be part of something the university was doing, but I’m not a runner. Being able to walk it means I can take part and have a great day out.

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As a teenager, I had undiagnosed asthma; it wasn’t properly diagnosed until I was in my thirties. I’d always associated any kind of running or vigorous exercise with breathing difficulties, no one realised I had asthma but because of it, I didn’t enjoy any exercise at all. When I took up walking however, I found that so enjoyable that this year I have signed up for a challenge to walk 1,000 miles by the end of 2017. I’m on about 150 miles at the moment. I want to get more mileage over the summer when the weather is better. The 10k is all going towards it.

For me, walking gives me the chance to unscrunch from sitting in the office. The Wednesday walks are a nice social experience too, but I like walking on my own as well, it gives me a chance to clear my head. I do powerwalking, it’s just fast walking so you get a bit of a workout but you’re not left breathless.

I want to stay fit and healthy for my 8-year-old, he’s a runner like my husband and is already faster than me! I would say the best way to warm up is to start slowly and go out there and walk. I’m really looking forward to the camaraderie on the day and being part of a group, representing the university.

To join Ruth in walking, jogging or running the Great Manchester Run 10k visit www.mmu.ac.uk/mcrmetrun