5 reasons to run the 10k

The deadline for entering the Great Manchester Run is fast approaching. There’s that voice in your head stopping you from doing it. So we’ve got something to say to that voice.

“I can’t run for longer than one minute / ten minutes / a mile.”
This may seem like a bit of a problem for the Manchester 10km run, but fear not, the name deceives. In fact, the glory of the 10k is that you don’t actually have to run it! You could walk, jog, hop, skip or even crawl it if you so desire. The best part is, there will be so many other people doing the same thing on the day (unless you do actually crawl, then you’re on your own).

“I don’t have enough time to train.”
There are 1,440 minutes in a day, you only need around 30 for a quick run! However, if you don’t have the time to plan where and when you can run don’t worry! We have a run club that caters for all abilities on Tuesdays at 12:30pm (especially for beginners) and Thursdays at 4:45pm. We meet at All Saints Park and it’s a great way to fit some training in around work, the commute, kids etc.

“I don’t want to run on my own.”
There are already hundreds of staff and students signed up to run the 10k. And we will be wearing orange t-shirts on the day (as will you)! And everyone becomes very friendly at the nervous start of a run! Then, there’s the crowd that will be cheering you on from start to finish. So relax, you’re not alone.

“I can’t afford to enter.”
Staff get a whopping 50% discount when signing up for the 10k making it just £20. And if you show your medal at The Union bar after the race, you get 50% off. The jogging clubs are free, the tshirts are free. The water bottles are free. Bargain.

“I’m too big / old to run and you should see my knees.”

Get some sound advice from the physio team at the Movement Clinic – and a good pair of trainers and anyone – yes anyone – can walk the 10k. Ruth, the head librarian (and an asthmatic) is power walking. Lewis, the Union president with two knee injuries is walking in fancy dress. Dawn Nisbet – the woman who was described herself as “overweight” and was featured across social media for being delightfully happy while running last – is also part of our team.

We really hope that’s quietened the voices in your head, why don’t you click on this link and see what happens next: www.mmu.ac.uk/10k