Congratulations to the NSS prize winners

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A HOST of lucky final year students picked up prizes for completing this year’s National Student Survey.

All eligible students were entered into a draw to win prizes that included graduation photography packages, high street shopping vouchers and graduation gowns.

The prizes formed part of the University campaign that aimed to maximise completions within the first three weeks of the NSS launch – our shortest prize draw incentive period ever. We exceeded our 62.9% target with 4,078 completions in the campaign’s duration, using activities and incentives to promote the NSS and improve completion rates.

Professor Helen Laville, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Education, said: “A huge thank you to the thousands of students who completed the NSS. I am so pleased for those of you that have won prizes. We really are grateful for the feedback and the time spent filling in the survey, especially at such a busy time of year for students.”

The 120 winners were delighted with the prizes. Forensic Biology student Leanne Gough who won a graduation gown said: “It was unexpected and a great surprise to have won. It was important for me to fill in the NSS so that my opinion could be voiced. Any feedback is really useful in order for improvements to happen for future students coming to the University.”

Fashion Design and Technology student Katie Brandwood said: “I have been a student representative for my four years at Manchester Metropolitan so I feel really strongly about students being able to voice our opinions to help make the course experience even better. With the NSS, I know that it will make a difference and help the University grow.”

Students will still be able to take part in the NSS via until the survey ends on 30th April, but will no longer be eligible for the prize draw.