PGR Spotlight: Celebrating the University’s Postgraduate Research

Manchester Metropolitan Graduate School have launched the first phase of our PGR Spotlight webpage, purposely created for celebrating our postgraduate research activities, stories and successes.

The aim is to feature at least one PGR every two weeks to begin with in order to give exposure to as many of our PGRs as possible.

The webpage will provide a platform for communicating in more detail what is going on under the surface of PGR activity in Man Met, letting our PGRs know that we appreciate their hard work and that we are proud of them. We also aim to grow an inclusive, cross-disciplinary area that will raise awareness among and motivate PGRs to get involved in more outward facing engagement activities.

A list of opportunities to engage more outwardly is being developed and will be featured in the next phase of the webpage structure along with an archive section so that no stories are lost going forward. This will be announced in late Spring.

As well as highlighting specific successes, such as the recent achievement of Lauren McNeill, Faculty of Science and Engineering, awarded the top Westminster prize at the STEM for BRITAIN event at the Houses of Parliament, we will be giving the floor to any PGR who would like to be featured. All are welcome, as all PGR stories are valuable to the University.

Each feature will focus on the student’s research, their inspirations and personal philosophy and be accompanied by a profile photo if the student wishes.
New features will be announced to Man Met research community via the Graduate School Twitter account (@MMUPGRStudents) and PGR Student Facebook page.

Visit the page at:

For any queries, please contact Jean Kelly, PGR Marketing Officer, Man Met Graduate School: