Input into the Industrial Strategy Commission on Health and Social Care

On Tuesday 4th April the Industrial Strategy Commission is holding an evidence session focusing on Health and Social Care. This will be located in The Whitworth Council Chamber, The University of Manchester. The session starts at 2:30pm and runs until 4pm.

There are 30 places available to watch experts giving their evidence to the Commission; these places are open to interested researchers from Manchester Metropolitan University and the University of Manchester. 

Following the evidence being given by the expert attendees, members of the gallery are invited to contribute their comments to the inquiry, in the remaining 20 minutes of the session.

This is an opportunity to listen to the views and ideas of experts in the field, giving evidence to an independent, authoritative inquiry with a core objective to provide evidence-based policy recommendations for a new, long-term industrial strategy for the UK.

Topics being discussed may include:

  • How can further devolution of health and social care spending and decision-making support an Industrial Strategy?
  • How can we ensure that health sciences and health innovation are central to the whole supply chain from the science frontier to the shop floor?
  • What is the potential for creating entirely new industries (for example, regenerative medicine, eHealth, biotechnology and precision medicine)?
  • How does Industrial Strategy relate to public services? Can foundation sectors such as health, social care and retail radically improve their productivity (and tradability), and is this desirable? How might the health and social care reform agenda impact aspects of an Industrial Strategy?


Due to the limited number of seats in the public gallery those interested need to RSVP to – places will be allocated on a first come first served basis.


Date: Tuesday 4th April 2017 – 2.30-4pm

Venue: The Whitworth Council Chamber, Whitworth Building, The University of Manchester

Format:  Roundtable. All evidence given will be treated as public, may be published online and may be included in interim and final reports from the Commission. This session will be convened in front of a small internal audience of academics and researchers from the University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University.