Meet the students from One Manchester on placements in Facilities and Catering


Partner organisation One Manchester knows how difficult it is for people to get back in to work, training or volunteering.

Sarah Roberts, Work Placement and Volunteer Manager, said: “That’s where One Future can help.

“One Future is a free service established to help One Manchester customers into work, by boosting skills, experience and confidence through one-to-one advice and access to a wide range of training, work placements, self-employment and volunteering opportunities.

“We work closely with major employers in Manchester to understand what they are looking for in their staff and to help equip people in our communities to access real job opportunities, developing their skills and gaining first-hand knowledge and confidence.”

This is where the Facilities team step in: Tony, Paul, Glen, Penny and Keith are our placement students across Facilities Management and Catering teams.

The students receive an induction and necessary training to enable them to hit the ground running once they come on site.

They work alongside staff to get an idea of the types of roles on offer, what tasks are involved, what it is like to work to a set routine.


Tony, above, is currently working in the Atrium Café and said: “Everyone has made me welcome and I am enjoying working both the front of house and gaining some experience in the stores section.”


Paul, above, is working with Catering at Birley and said:  “All I can say is it’s awesome! I have learned so many skills, it’s been great!”


Keith, above, is working with the Facilities team at All Saints Central and said: “This opportunity has me back in a working environment and the team has made me feel very welcome.”

Upon completion of a successful placement, candidates will receive a character reference and a certificate to evidence the time and dedication given. This, alongside their enhanced confidence gained through the placement, would support them in reaching their next goal of finding employment.