Sociology staff and students receive personal safety training


Security Services recently delivered a personal safety training course to members of staff and students from the University’s Department of Sociology.

The course was designed to meet the need for personal safety and awareness of staff and students to help reduce the risk of becoming the victim of a crime by empowering them to be confident, assertive, effective, professional people when at work or travelling to and from work or their place of study.


Security Services state that the department’s ability to deliver this type of training to University staff and students is quite unique and something they are very excited about. The department has developed a group of staff who have been trained to nationally-recognised certification levels enabling them to provide safe, relevant personal safety training which places them in a position to provide bespoke training to staff and students dependent on their needs.

The personal safety course, on March 17, was organised on the request of Dr Rob Ralphs (Senior Lecturer in Criminology in the Department of Sociology) in response to an assessment conducted that identified the potential risk to staff and postgraduate students engaged in off-campus research. Rob was keen to source relevant safety training to reduce the risk to them working in the community and turned to Security for assistance. The one-day course which incorporated safety in the community, conflict management and physical break away techniques was very well received with the team from the Department of Sociology stating that it met their needs and rating it as overall excellent.

Dr Ralphs said: “The course has made our research team more aware of the danger inherent in fieldwork situations and the combination of conflict management and breakaway techniques we were taught has made us feel more confident about dealing with potential conflict.”

Security Services consider the full one-day personal safety training course to be relevant to all staff and students including those who are employed or studying in departments which entail them conducting off campus activities. In addition to the one day course Security are also able to deliver other shorter sessions on the subject of safety in the community which can be tailored:

  • Personal Safety training – Includes safety in the community, conflict management & physical breakaway techniques
  • Streetwise – Safety in the community
  • Conflict management
  • Critical Arc Safe Zone – Mobile phone application that can be used to summon assistance or use a lone work book in facility

Department heads wishing to source training are requested to contact Andrew McGrath: