Update on the first UK city wide coffee cup recycling trail

MA city cofeee

Over the last few months the Waste and Recycling team have been supporting ‘The first UK City wide coffee cup recycling trial’.

Working in collaboration with a number of coffee shops, Manchester City Council and Hubbub to achieve a city recycling target of 20,000 coffee cups. Manchester Metropolitan University have been provided with a number brightly coloured bins, which have been located in a few main areas of the Manchester campus for all staff and students to take up the city challenge.

Amanda Reid, Waste and Recycling Manager, said: “Manchester Metropolitan have recycled over 2700 cups since the project began in November, with up to 100% contamination free collections in some bins. It is great that staff and students are so keen to use the cup recycling bins and importantly that the University can actively contribute to diverting waste from landfill and seeking alternative treatment such as recycling, keeping the value in the resources we have.”

The trial has now finished and the Waste and Recycling Team are working with Facilities to assess the current service provision and infrastructure requirements needed to continue with the project. This will involve assessment of collection cost, environmental impact, available local treatment routes and practical serviceability on site.