Do you want to participate in a study on interpersonal relationships?

Do you want to participate in a study regarding interpersonal relationships, negative emotions and well-being (depression, anxiety and happiness)?

This study will involve filling in questionnaires online, participate in an experiment visiting the University’s labs, and then fill in a number of questionnaires at a later time (one week and one month after the experiment). The experiment will involve a guided imagery task which requires you to visualize your personal relationships.

If you find that giving information about your personal relationships or reporting on the levels of depression, anxiety and happiness will upset you, please do not take part.

The whole study will require 90 minutes of your time in total (90 minutes participation time will be awarded to you if you are a psychology student). A £10 voucher will be given to all participants as a compensation for their time in the lab.

If you are interested email Nora Andriopoulou at:

Both students & staff can participate in the study.