Five Minutes With…Amy Ashmore

MA 5MW Mam TorName, role and department:
Amy Ashmore
Senior Hub Adviser
Faculty SAS (Cheshire)

How long have you been at Manchester Met:
3 and a half years. Although I’m not sure how that amount of time has gone so fast!

Favourite thing about the University:
Our colleagues. It is easy to build close working relationships, as people are so friendly and approachable. It makes working here so enjoyable!

A typical working day:
It can be so varied, but the Student Hub is such an excellent place to get to know our students, and to learn about the University. Opening up the Student Hub at 8:30am, I will deal with student enquiries at the Student Hub as they arise. If there is time between enquiries, I can get on with other tasks such as checking the inboxes that we manage, getting through some of the Disability Service administration that we do here in Cheshire, and also perhaps preparing for upcoming events or activities. The afternoon tends to be busier on the Student Hub, so I will deal with enquiries as they arise, and usually use the time between them to follow up on any actions that need taking – perhaps to liaise with other teams, fill in forms or file documents that may have come in. Every day really depends on how many enquiries we get, and the nature of them – sometimes we can spend all morning dealing with lots of quick queries, but other days we can spend a couple of hours dealing with one or two.

What is your ideal weekend:
I love getting out an about and visiting new places, so weekends exploring anywhere new are great for me! Saying that, we recently welcomed two kitties into our family, so I must confess that spending time playing with them is a favourite activity too!

Interesting fact about you:
I know far too many of the dances to the “cheesy” party songs. So much so that a DJ at a recent party asked if I was a dance instructor as I danced the “official” dance to every single one. Unfortunately, I am not…so I have no excuse!
Macarena anyone?

What are you reading, watching or listening to at the moment:
I am reading a range of literature about counselling skills at the moment! That and “Life after Life” by Kate Atkinson.

Favourite place in the region:
Being originally from Rochdale, I love the beautiful Pennines and spent many weekends walking over there. Now though, I live in Stoke on Trent, and I absolutely love the Trentham Estate – a beautiful parkland, complete with a monkey forest!

Person you would most like to meet- past or present, real or fictional:
Anne Frank. Her account of events during World War II has always fascinated me.

What items would you take on a desert island and why:
I always struggle with these type of questions as I would like to think practically but then there are some items I would really struggle without! So I would have to say:
Map and compass – for obvious reasons!
My piano – I can’t go without it! My piano can just brighten my day just by sitting playing for a few minutes.
A camera…I couldn’t go to a desert island and not take any pictures.