University hosting events to discuss impact of finance and social care on disabled people

What the social care crisis means for disabled people – discussion with The Guardian’s Dr Frances Ryan

6pm to 7.30pm on Wednesday May 17 in Geoffrey Manton Building

‘In an era of deepening austerity, and with a snap General Election only weeks away, this timely event will discuss what the current social care crisis and cuts to social security mean for disabled people. Speakers will address Manchester’s current NHS and social care agenda, as well as the wider national picture. The event aims to bring together key parts of the community: campaigners, activists, politicians, media, students, and others. Attendees will be given a prior opportunity to submit questions that will be used on the night to trigger discussion.’

Please contact Katherine Runswick-Cole for further information or to inform us of any access requirements: or 0161 247 2906




Let’s Talk About Money – a joint event with Learning Disability England

10.30am to 3pm on Tuesday, May 23 in Lecture Theatre 3, Geoffrey Manton Building

Money & Equality – are people with learning disabilities getting the money they need to lead good lives?

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of Disabled People says that governments should make sure that disabled citizens have enough money to have healthcare, homes and jobs and be full members of their communities.

The United Kingdom government signed up to this convention to say they would do this.
Many disabled people and organisations from the UK told the United Nations that the government had policies that took away money and rights from disabled people. The United Nations investigated what they said and wrote a report (link to report)
This event is to talk about what the report said and what the experience is of people with learning disabilities.

We want to talk about whether there is enough money for people to live good lives in their communities and to take part as equal citizens.

We want to talk about whether our members with learning disabilities are having funding cut to for the help they need, benefits, housing and speaking up.

We will respond to the government on this report so we will use what our members say in this event to tell them what you think.

To book a place, please email Mariana Ortiz at, including ‘MetroPolis LDE event registration’ in the subject line.