#101openstories launch


In order to celebrate the #yearofopen, a small team of open practitioners and researchers has come together and launched the #101openstories project. Sharing our stories and journeys into the open will help us learn from each other, identify opportunities for collaboration and further spread the benefits of open learning, practice and research so that more people from around the world can benefit and communities and society as a whole.

Here is what kind of stories we would love to curate:

  • Learner stories – how you became an open learner
  • Practitioner stories – how you became an open access advocate, open software contributor, teacher, librarian, instructional designer, technology specialist, entrepreneur, policy advocate, etc.
  • Researcher stories – how you ended up in doctoral program, in a research collective, etc.
  • Inspirational stories, short moments, people, ideas that encourage you and make you feel grateful to be part of this community

We welcome open stories in any format or medium you like, in any language you want to. Feel free to use prose or poem, photos, drawings, cartoons, film, model, collage, music or dance… keep it short and be imaginative.

You can find out more about the project and submit your story at  http://www.101openstories.org/add-your-story/.

The six members of the #101openstories team are from six different continents: Chrissi Nerantzi from the UK working in CELT, Penny Pentley from Australia, Jenni Hayman from Canada, Vivianne Vladimirschi from Brazil, Judith Pete from Kenya and Sujata Santosh from India.

Share your story and celebrate the #yearofopen together!

The #101openstories team