e-Expenses Electronic Receipts

The University has now moved to accepting scanned images of receipts so there is no longer a need to print eExpense claim statements, attach the original receipts, and post them to Payroll.  Attaching electronic receipts to your eExpenses claim is quick and straightforward to do, and speeds up the approval process. It also means approvers are able to view the receipts quickly and easily as part of their approval role.

This process improvement follows a successful pilot stage across several areas and over several months.

During May 2017 both the old (hard copy receipts) and the new (electronic receipts) process may be used.

From 1st June 2017 the University will only accept electronic receipts.

To attach your electronic receipts to your eExpenses claim:

  • Either photograph or scan your receipts, or use a PDF if relevant. (Multiple receipts on one page are fine – the important factor is that the attachments are legible and that both sides are included if there is relevant information on both sides).
  • Save the files to your preferred folder location.
  • Once you have your eExpenses claim in Draft, Save it, then from the eExpenses home page, look for the column ‘Attachments’ (scroll right to find this column)
  • Click ‘Add’, access your files, and ‘Upload’
  • Remember to save and send your claim for approval
  • When doing this, there is no need to print a copy of your expense claim form and send it to Payroll.

More detailed guidance is available via the MyHR web page, as well as answers to eExpenses FAQ’s and eExpenses Quick Guides: http://www2.mmu.ac.uk/myhr/

The MyHR web page should answer all your questions, but in the event that you need additional help please email your question to expenses@mmu.ac.uk

The process described above only relates to the Payroll reimbursement process. If you or your department require receipts or hard copy records of your expenses claims for any other reason, you will need to make separate arrangements. For example, if your claim relates to a Research or Knowledge Exchange project you will need to retain your original receipts and make appropriate arrangements for these to be made available, in line with the current process. If you have queries about this please contact your Research/ Enterprise, KTP or ERDF Administrator.