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Academics impress at the American Association of Geographers Conference

Dr Steve Millington, Senior Lecturer in Geography, recently returned from a trip to the USA where he presented a paper – Bringing Big Data to Small Users: evidence based decision making for Town Centre Management as part of the 4th Special Sessions on Retail aspects in Urban Geography and Urban Planning, at the American Association of Geographers Conference, Boston, 5th April.

The project is a £1.1m project involving Manchester Metropolitan and 17 external partners in developing decision making tool for town and city centre management.  The University had seven staff and postgraduate students presenting at the the world’s largest Geography conference, including James Cheng, Jamie Halliwell and Hannah Neate from Geography and Environment. Highlights of the conference including opportunities to see keynote presentations from both Noam Chomsky and David Harvey. The conference presents an opportunity to present Manchester Metropolitan research to an international audience, to meet and network with other researchers from across the world, and to catch up with the latest research in the field.  With over 60 parallel session over 5 full days, the American Association of Geographers conference showcases all aspects of Geography and Environmental Studies.

The trip also provided opportunities to link up with Manchester Metropolitan’s partner institutions.  Hannah Neate visited Bridgwater State University to catch up with two of the Faculty’s Overseas Study students.  Manchester Metropolitan also has strong links with University of North Carolina (UNC), through both Overseas Study and international collaboration.  Geography at Manchester Met and UNC Sociology have a 10 year relationship through their Community and Identity study programme, where UNC students spend 5 weeks in Manchester each Summer.

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As part of the same conference, Steve was invited to take part in an international panel discussion Retail Planning: Perspectives from North America and Europe.

Following the conference, he was an invited to lecture and speak at University of North Carolina, Charlotte.  The University has a long standing link with UNC, where he provided a lecture about the Network City to a group of UNC sociology and public policy students, some of whom will be visiting Manchester in July on a fieldtrip. Steve also presented a research seminar to the sociology staff in the department about our research on football stadia and place management.  For more information about this work:


Innovative research to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from diesel engines

Manchester Metropolitan University has signed a contract with the company G-volution ( to develop catalysis technology that will significantly reduce the release of methane – a potent greenhouse gas – from diesel/dual fuel engines, for example in HGVs.

The project, led by Dr Aidan Doyle and Professor Craig Banks from the School of Science & the Environment, with support from the business development team, has developed from two co-funded PhDs to a 6 month Research and Development project paid for by the company to a 3 year Knowledge Transfer Partnership.

The University has also patented the technology and secured a license deal with the company that could be worth several hundred thousand pounds by 2020. Aidan said: “It’s been great to be part of developing this exciting area of research in collaboration with G-volution. The progression of the project from an idea to a commercially viable product demonstrates the high quality of research being done at Manchester Metropolitan. The work has potential for significant wider benefits to the environment as well as delivering good research impact.”


Congratulations to the Division of Chemistry and Environmental Science for being the most cited department at the Univeristy in March with a total of 2,168 citations.