10k Tales: Angelique Bueler, Attendance Monitoring Officer

10k Tales, Angelique Bueler, Attendance Monitoring Officer 



Anyone can start exercising and you never know where it might lead!

Angelique is not only taking part in the Manchester 10K later this month, she also won the gruelling the  Expert Route 53K run as part of the Quest Betws y Coed event in 4 hours 21 minutes just two weeks ago after hearing about it via MMU Sport.

She said: “I only started exercising in my late 30s and I’m definitely no health buff.

“But I’m proof of how anyone can start exercising at any time and go on to achieve.

“My estimated run time for the 10K is 43 minutes.”

However, as runners and non-runners may know, this is an excellent expected finish time for the race and is likely to place Angelique among the top 40 runners crossing the finishing line in her category.

“I’ve done no speed training for over 6 months so I won’t run anywhere near that time, but I’m just happy to join in, ” she says modestly as we get talking about how she started out.

“In the spring of 2013, I ‘randomly’ signed up for the Greater Manchester marathon on a dare with MMU colleagues, without any prior running or training and with just two weeks to go before race day.

“Whilst I would stress ‘not to try this at home’, I ran a very good race.

“I then quit running until the following year when the magic surrounding the marathon lured me back to the start line at Manchester, this time with three months’ training under my belt.

“I was very lucky to run a London Marathon qualifying time.

“I joined the famous black and gold ‘Chorlton Runners’ running club, became a Parkrun-devotee and ran a ton of silly races – Manchester Area League Cross country, the Welsh Castles relay, Thunderrun-24 and many more.

“I have also been a Pacer at all of the distances.

“My obsession around the marathon continued, running Snowdonia and New York in the same week, and completing my 9th marathon a few weeks ago (again at London).

“But I must admit that last weekend’s Quest race features highly in my sporting anecdotes!

“I’m noisily on board the MMU 10K team! It’s going to be a great day and I can’t wait to be part of it!”

If you are taking part in the Manchester 10K and would like to run in aid of a good cause but don’t have a charity in mind, why not join staff, students and graduates and raise money for the University’s new campaign to support students,#ManMetFirstGen.

See more detail on how to cheer on Team #McrMetProud at: http://www2.mmu.ac.uk/great-manchester-run/