Chancellor’s Fellowship Scheme: apply now!

After the successful first call for applications, MetroPolis are pleased to announce the second call for applications for the Chancellor’s Fellowship Scheme are open.

What is the Chancellor’s Fellowship Scheme?

The Fellowships are an ideal opportunity for staff who are developing potential policy-related impact linked to an evidence base in their research findings. The fellowships offer staff access to funding of up to £9000 to cover the costs of a placement with an external organisation that can help to accelerate policy impact. The funding can be spent on accommodation, transport, living allowances and any consumables and materials associated with the placement. It cannot be used to buy-out teaching time. Organisations can include government departments (international, national or local), think tanks, charities, businesses – as long as they can help to accelerate the policy impact then we will consider them.

Who can apply for a fellowship?

We are looking for established or establishing researchers with a proven track record of high quality research with the potential to translate into policy impact.

How many fellowships are there available?

We are looking to fund 4 x fellowships each year for the next three years.

How long are the fellowships?

We can be flexible on the duration and scope of the fellowship within reason but we are expecting a fellowship to be anything from 4 – 12 weeks. Ordinarily we would expect a commitment of some time to be spent with an external organisation in a single block but we are happy to discuss individual requirements. Our overriding goal is to build new partnerships and to accelerate your policy impact.

Sounds good – what is the application process?

The first step is to have a think about your research – its potential policy impact and the organisations that you think would help you to take this forward. Contact Emily Goodier ( with a brief summary of your research, evidence and proposed policy impact. Should we feel your research is suited to the Fellowship, an application form will be sent to you for completion.

Once you have completed the form then send it to Emily who will arrange for a member of the MetroPolis management team to review it. Following this review there will be an opportunity to have a detailed discussion with a member of the team who will make a recommendation from there.

Is there a deadline?

We don’t have a firm deadline set for this but we are intending to review and ratify decisions on a quarterly basis (although we can, of course, move more quickly in exceptional circumstances).

We’re aiming to ratify decisions for this cluster of applications at the end of June 2017.

When does the Fellowship have to be taken?

We can be somewhat flexible on the deadline for the uptake of the Fellowship although we will expect it to commence within 9 months of a successful application.

What are you expecting from me as a result of taking up a Fellowship?  

We expect you to become an ambassador for MetroPolis, to join the core management team of the initiative and to support us in disseminating the results of your Fellowship through the production of a case study, through the organisation of an event around your research and through the production of blog posts, policy briefs and various online material. We will, of course, help you to develop all of this.

How do I get approval?

Your Head of Department needs to approve the fellowship. If you experience any challenges in relation to this then please let Emily know.

Any other questions?

If you have any other questions then please do not hesitate to get in touch with Emily.