Enjoy the sound of samba at our Manchester 10K Cheer Spot

The rhythms of Brazil will be the soundtrack to Team #McrMetProud’s Cheer Spot thanks to a local samba band.

Percussion ensemble Bloco Mente will be filling the air with uplifting exotic samba and reggae songs from the University’s branded supporters’ place for the race on May 28.

bloco mente new 3

Friends and family of runners are encouraged to join plenty of others around the iconic Skyhook statue in Trafford Wharf Road – just look out for the University’s colours of orange and purple.

It promises to be one of the best and more entertaining vantage points along the entire course as thousands of competitors jog past.

Located just 3km from the finish line, crowds at the Cheer Spot will provide a welcome boost for the more than 460 staff and students and carry them into the final stretch.

And what better pick-me-up than the loud, brash and energetic music of Latin America and the Caribbean?


Bloco Mente, a community band based in Tameside, has all kinds of drums, shakers and instruments to summon the sound of both Rio de Janeiro – the carnival capital of the world – and Jamaica.

Its members are from diverse backgrounds and range from a schoolchild of 8 to a man in his 70s who have all found a home in the band.

The well-established group has played at the same spot on the course several times so know what rhythms work a treat on tired legs and minds.

bloco mente new 1

Supporters on the sidelines can listen out for covers of pop tracks with Bloco Mente’s signature syncopation to give a new take to old favourites.

There will even be a samba dancer on hand in full dress if you fancy testing out your frantic footwork!

Bloco Mente will be gathering from noon on May 28 so come down and roar and clap on members of Team #McrMetProud from the Cheer Spot.

For more details on the itinerary for the day see: http://www2.mmu.ac.uk/great-manchester-run/about-the-day/