Prologue: a series of events, talks and workshops from May – July 2017

The new Arts & Humanities Graduate School will launch its new integrated and multidisciplinary programme in September 2017.

The Graduate School brings together the three postgraduate research degree programmes in Manchester School of Art, Humanities Languages and Social Science and the Manchester Fashion Institute. By developing our strengths together, the merger presents a very real opportunity to signal the significance of public facing research and the importance of collaborative, applied and practice-based research methods alongside traditional disciplinary approaches.

The Graduate School boasts over 250 postgraduate researchers and one hundred nationally and internationally recognized theorists, practitioners and professionals from Architecture, Art, Craft, Creative Writing, Communications, Design, English, History, Philosophy, Languages, Linguistics, New Media and the Applied Social Sciences.

Prologue is designed to give a flavour of some of our research activities. The events are open to postgraduates and staff in the university and beyond, in particular those who might be interested in undertaking a research degree.