ENGAGE week 2017: save the date

This year’s ENGAGE week will run from Monday the 3rd July until Friday 7th July , although this year we do have pre-week and post-week events too!

The programme will be available for preview from Monday 5th June with bookings opening on Monday 12th June at 13:00.

This year the programme is bigger than ever and we have a wide range of new events with hopefully something for everybody to engage with and enjoy. The programme is built around the 5 ways to wellbeing which are:

Connect… lots of opportunity at events to build connections to support and enrich you everyday

Be Active … a wide range of events supported by MMU Sport and the Sugden and Aquatic centre everything from workouts to walking

Take Notice … Lots of sessions to learn new things and interesting history and local information walks to understand the area we work in better. We also have a Manchester Bee walking tour.

Keep Learning.. lots of opportunity to learn something new, a wide range of things from a new language or soldering to developing personal impact and increasing self confidence

And lastly Give.. all the presenters for ENGAGE week are staff or local businesses who volunteer their time to share their skills, interests and talents with staff across the organisation.

So go online check out the programme and support your wellbeing. ENGAGE with the programme it’s going to be an amazing week.

Below are some of the comments from last year’s participants;

“It makes us all feel part of the Manchester Met Community”

”I enjoyed learning something new from someone who was really passionate about their hobby”

“The sessions I have been to are great they are really well thought out and organised. ENGAGE week gives me a real appreciation of the many talents we have at the University.”