Explore ways of connecting educational research and classroom practice at ‘Third Space’ day

The School of Teacher Education at Manchester Metropolitan University is proud to host the inaugural ‘Third Space’ event of the Chartered College of Teaching on July 15. This event brings together teachers and researchers to explore ways of connecting educational research and classroom practice.

  • How we can connect research and practice in a meaningful way?
  • How do we increase teachers’ skills and confidence in using evidence critically and judiciously to inform decisions in their own contexts?
  • What is the role of researchers in ensuring the research they produce is relevant and has impact on students’ learning?

Teachers, researchers and policymakers from across the education sector are warmly encouraged to attend to share their experiences and identify ways to work together effectively.

Attendance fees

  • Tickets for all Chartered College members (including Founding Members and Professional Affiliates) cost £25
  • The booking fee for non-members is £75

For further details and to register see: https://chartered.college/events/third-space-july-2017