Nutrition Science competition winner students jet off to Hong Kong

CM Hong Kong Trip

Caption: Ajay Patel, Ffion Hayward, Becky Johnston and Julie Wright

Two Manchester Met students from BSc Nutrition Sciences are jetting off to Hong Kong on Monday to join students from all over the world to part in the International STEM Students’ Forum. The project is run by the Vocational Training Council and Manchester Met partners, the Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong.

Becky Johnston and Ffion Hayward beat off tough competition with the best entries about how consumers are protected from the misuse of food health claims, like ‘superfood’ or ‘detox’. The competition was devised by food law specialist Dr Ajay Patel who said: “I was stunned by the quality of entries but Becky and Ffion showed that extra flair.”

Since winning, Ffion and Becky have been working with students from THEi to create a joint presentation and poster that compare how such claims are regulated in the UK and in Hong Kong. Their work will identify differences that might hamper trade between the countries; especially important now we are looking to make our own trade deals post Brexit.

Julie Wright, Head of Department of Health Professions, said: “I am very excited for Becky and Ffion. I know that they will make the Faculty of Health, Psychology and Social Care at Manchester Met very proud.”