Imagined Homeland Symposium


2017 marks the 70th anniversary of the Partition of India 1947 into India and Pakistan (including what later became Bangladesh).

Imagined Homeland Symposium (2nd July, 10am-6pm, HOME) will discuss the historical journeys that formed the largest mass migration in human history, dividing the country into a nationalist struggle with mass abduction and savage sexual violence. It had a huge impact on contemporary South Asian communities, as well as its international diasporas, and how global communities continue to be fractured by the recent refugee crisis of the 21st Century.

The symposium will bring some of the most imaginative speakers of our time, and will feature artists, historians and award winning novelists and writers like Professor Yasmin Khan, Dilip Hiro, Balraj Khanna, Navtej Purewal, Shezad Dawood and with local poetic respondents including Yandass Ndlovu, Elmi Ali, and Isaiah Hull.

Imagined Homeland Symposium is a trailblazer of Asia Triennial Manchester 2018, Manchester Metropolitan University. This event is funded by Manchester Metropolitan University and supported by Manchester International Festival 2017 and HOME.

Tickets are on sale via the HOME website.