Updates from busy Science and Engineering Faculty

It’s been a busy few weeks across the Science and Engineering Faculty. Here is just some of the faculty’s latest news:

Annual PSGB Conference

The annual Spring Meeting of the Primate Society of Great Britain (PSGB) conference, co-hosted last month, was a great success!

Ninety delegates attended two days of talks and posters, spending the first day at Manchester Met and the second day at the University of Salford. A free student workshop on public engagement was also hosted with the event being topped off by second year part-time PhD student, Grace Ellison, winning the prize for the best student talk, pictured below collecting her award.

grace ellison with prize

The event was organised by Dr Caroline Bettridge (Manchester Metropolitan University) and Dr Sean O’Hara (Salford University).


Move Commercial Expert Debate

A few weeks ago, Dr Gina Cavan, Senior Lecturer in GIS and Climate, participated in an expert debate for a commercial property magazine to discuss the importance of green infrastructure and how on board the property industry was with the idea.

Dr Cavan shared her views on the property industry being fully on board with the need for an increase in green infrastructure stating that there was “… no incentivisation or method within UK planning policy which encourages commercial developers to integrate green infrastructure into their schemes.”

Read the full debate on http://www.movecommercial.com/lunch-debate-green-infrastructure-property-industry/


Beth’s Fundraising Page

A blog for Breast Cancer patients, written by Beth Roberts, PhD student in Science and Environment has been published via Second Hope’s website.  Second Hope is the first UK charity specifically for people with advanced breast cancer.

The blog, entitled “Taking control after a secondary breast cancer diagnosis,” has been written to empower patients, and help them access and understand the scientific aspects of their diagnosis. It is available at http://www.secondhope.co.uk/latest-news/blog

Beth has also been busy fundraising for Cancer Research UK (had the 2nd largest team, ever, to be involved in a CRUK event) only six weeks after having hip replacement surgery (raising £14,000), Macmillian (£450 raised) and Second Hope (£1900). Beth has also been empowering other cancer patients by disseminating cancer information via her Facebook page, “Beth’s Cancer Journey.”

Beth has received peptide vaccinations, a type of immunotherapy treatment, in the Hallwang Clinic in Germany. This immunotherapy treatment is highly effective but is currently unavailable on the NHS. The treatment costs approximately £25,000 for the initial series of vaccinations, plus £5,000 for subsequent booster vaccinations.

Please can you support Beth in achieving her and her family’s goal and donate https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/Beth-Roberts6?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=fundraisingpage&utm_content=Beth-Roberts6&utm_campaign=pfp-share