ENGAGE week 2017 – checked it out yet?

Next week is the last opportunity to book events for ENGAGE week.

Many events are now fully booked however some events have  limited spaces and so it is still worth checking out the programme and the following events are some of  those with spaces.


Be active

For example:

  • Free Gym passes still available for Crewe and Sugden – you need to book in for an induction prior to the day you want the pass
  • Badminton & Squash sessions
  • Les Mills Body Pump
  • Self Defence
  • Taekwondo
  • Chi Gung
  • Shaolin Kung Fu


Keep Learning

For example:

  • Origami sessions
  • Board games
  • Se3cret lives of bees
  • Bats for beginners
  • Unconscious bias taster sessions
  • Snacks at work
  • Pond & River dipping



For example:

  • Becoming a school governor
  • Top tips for first aid – Crewe site only
  • Increasing your self confidence
  • Rediscover board games
  • Cinnabar palm body posturing
  • Laughing ourselves happier and healthier


Don’t miss out, take some time out to check the programme (link on the staff page) It’s good for our wellbeing to ENGAGE. What will you do the week of 3rd to 7th July?