Aks International Minorities Festival comes to UK for first time

The first Aks International Minorities Festival to take place in the UK will be hosted by Manchester Metropolitan University on 22-23rd July.

Supported by Superbia (part of Manchester Pride), the festival will screen films and host discussions on LGBT+ Minorities. It takes place at No.70 Oxford Street.

The Aks International Minorities Festival was established in 2014 in Pakistan by activists seeking to improve LGBT+ representation. The festival has taken place annually in Pakistan across three of its biggest cities, with a specific focus on the indigenous Khwaja Sira (trans) community, attracting a positive media reception and devoted audience. Since 2015, it has also held an annual festival in Copenhagen.

Aks (‘mirror’ in Urdu) Manchester will host a two-day festival with a rich and diverse programme, with a special focus on women minorities, the pre-colonial transgender communities of South Asia, the Black Lives Matter movement and LGBT+ people of faith. Tickets for the whole weekend are only £5.00. The festival is not for profit and is politically independent.

Superbia is Manchester’s Pride’s year-round calendar of cultural events. It exists to support, promote and curate events that are by, for and about the LGBT+ people with the aim to culturally enhance the lives of LGBT+ people in Greater Manchester.

Dr Andrew Moor, Reader in Cinema History at Manchester Metropolitan University and co-host of Aks Manchester, said: “Through the English Department’s ongoing collaboration with Manchester Pride / Superbia it is genuinely energising and uplifting to open our doors to events like this.

“Issues of diversity and difference can affect everyone in our community, and among minority groups in particular is it really important that we give space and platforms for people, so that they can explore those issues together and can to come together as a community.

“When Superbia said they were keen to help bring Aks to Manchester, I was immediately on board. It’s my job as a film lecturer to develop discussion, debate and understanding around the screening of film, and events like this make everything feel especially worthwhile.”

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