ENGAGE Week: a big success

A big thank you to all those staff and external providers that supported this year’s ENGAGE week event.

We had over 1,000 bookings this year – our biggest year yet for bookings. Staff had access to 126 different events during the week of which there were 189 bookable sessions.

These were a mix of 1-2-1 sessions for personal coaching, shiatsu and picture tapping and group sessions such as self-defence and bats and bees for beginners .

We also had 21 drop in sessions throughout the week, which were well attended, especially the Head & Shoulder QI treatments.

The busiest day for bookings was Wednesday with 256 bookings, but on average around 200 to 220 staff booked on events each day, not including the drop-in sessions and colleagues who took advantage of the free sports facilities and free swimming.

The guide dog sessions were understandably very popular and helped to raise money for a good cause, which was great to see.

Many sessions were fully booked and some had waiting lists. Where possible we were able to allocate places to staff on these waiting lists if others could not attend for operational or personal reasons.

As a result, I think most people who were looking to ENGAGE with the programme this year were able to attend an event of their choice, many people attended more than one event and so far, the feedback for presenters and sessions is very positive.

For those of you who attended sessions please can you take time out to complete the BOS survey that has been emailed to you.

Your feedback is important to us, and will help us to shape future events. Feedback so far has been helpful and we are considering changes for next year’s programme already.

Many people want more of the craft and cookery sessions; each year these are the first to get booked up and always have the longest waiting lists.

We would like to offer more but we are limited in the numbers we can book onto these types of sessions due to  limitations in space and equipment.

We also need to be mindful of the fact that all presenters in the ENGAGE week programme, whether internal or external, fit this in around their day job, which often means preparing for events in their own time.

We do keep a close eye on the bookings for our most popular events and try to ensure staff on the waiting list are offered any places that become available.

If you cannot book on an event itself its worth adding yourself to the waiting list and keeping the space free as often it is a last minute call!

We are always looking for new events to add to the programme and the more events we get the more staff can ENGAGE during that week.

If you would like to offer events during ENGAGE week, or know of colleagues who may be interested, please get in touch and we can put you on our contact list for next year’s event.

Planning for this week starts early in the year as it takes a great deal of organisation to pull this together.

Presenters get priority booking once the programme opens as a thank you for offering sessions for colleagues to enjoy.

If you are interested in further information on ENGAGE week, or you are considering offering a session and would like to discuss further, please contact a.laithwaite@mmu.ac.uk