Dr Lloyd Strickland awarded British Academy fellowship


Dr Lloyd Strickland, Reader in Philosophy, has been awarded a prestigious British Academy mid-career fellowship.

The award, worth £115,175, will support his research on the great German thinker G.W Leibniz (1646-1716), namely his Examen religionis christianae (Examination of the Christian Religion).

The piece is considered one of Leibniz’s most important theological writings, and on the surface is a detailed personal statement of faith arrived at ‘neutrally’, in accordance with Holy Scripture, pious antiquity, right reason and history.

However, the text was written in 1686, amid negotiations for church unification, in which Leibniz was unofficially but heavily involved. So, while the chief aim of Dr Strickland’s research is to return to the original manuscript in order to produce a critical edition of the text, a subsidiary aim is to ascertain the extent of its role in the negotiations for church union.

Dr Strickland said: “One of the things I’m most excited about is the public engagement that is a key part of the fellowship. One of the main engagement activities will be to host a conference in Rome, in addition to giving talks at smaller venues both here and overseas.”