Manchester Metropolitan supports ending homelessness in Manchester

The University started showing support for ending homelessness in Manchester by signing up to the Homelessness Charter in May 2016.

The vision for the Homelessness Charter is to see an end to homelessness in Manchester and the charter was co-created with many of Manchester’s citizens who are currently experiencing street- living.

Dozens of organisations are already working on helping overcome homelessness in Manchester and the University has made four pledges to show support for the charter:


  • Engage in research related activity guided by the priorities of the Manchester Homelessness Partnership
  • Raise awareness of the charter and highlight the most effective ways for staff and students to help those who are homeless or at risk of homelessness
  • Promote opportunities for staff and students to engage in volunteering, fundraising and other potential projects in support of the charter
  • Actively support the Big Change Fund – Manchester’s alternative giving campaign


ending homelessness

Dr Stephen Bloye, Interim Director Facilities, is a member of the Manchester Homelessness Partnership Board and he spoke to students around the University’s involvement with the Homelessness Charter at the ‘Volunteering in Homelessness’ event at the Students’ Union this week:

“Over the past few years, I started to notice that homelessness was getting worse in Manchester and I knew I had to get involved.

I started by working with Manchester City Council and my passion for working with the homeless grew when I started hearing more and more of people’s life changing stories about how they ended up living on the streets. It’s alarming how many people due to circumstances beyond their control have ended up homeless.

The University has been great in showing support for the Homelessness Charter and has created a fantastic website where you can find out how you can make a difference for the homeless community in Manchester.”

Please visit the new ‘Manchester Ending Homelessness’ website here to find out more!