Staff WiFi changes: move to eduroam

CM eduroam_white background

From Thursday, February 15, you will need to access the University Wifi through ‘eduroam’, instead of through MMU-Staff.

eduroam is a secure, international wireless service that is available to all staff and students at Manchester Metropolitan University.

As well as enabling you to access internet across campus here at Manchester Met, you can also use it at institutions around the world.

These changes are being made to ensure you access to a secure network and to reduce the number of times you logon to WiFi networks, ensuring a more streamlined and secure way of accessing WiFi at the University.

eduroam is particularly convenient for smart phone and tablet users. Using eduroam, you don’t need to type in your username and password every time you access the network. You only need to set up your device once, and then you can log in automatically wherever the eduroam network is available.

eduroam is available across campus already so make the switch today!

How to login to eduroam – Staff

  • Select ‘eduroam’ from the list of wireless connections available on your device
  • Enter your username: your University ID number followed by ‘’
  • Enter your University network password

If you do experience any issues connecting to eduroam, please contact the IT Helpline: