Last call for applicants for ILM Award in Leadership level 5

The ILM Award in Leadership level 5 will be starting in May 2018. This course has been designed to raise your awareness of your leadership approach and capability and to support you to develop in your role as a leader.

Candidates should be managers/leaders who manage/lead a team of first line managers/supervisors or lead and have responsibility for substantial projects.

The course content looks at the following areas:

  • Leadership & management approaches, theories and models
  • Motivational theories
  • Leading change and transformation
  • Understanding and working with organisational culture
  • Reviewing the impact of leadership on performance
  • Understanding how to lead others to achieve goals within the values of the organisation

The course provides a great opportunity for reflection on your leadership approach as well as networking with other leaders across the organisation. As part of the programme you will have access to a 360 report on your leadership approach as well as other diagnostics.

Staff can join the cohort without signing up to do the qualification, or they can complete the set assignments, which are reflective reviews, and gain a level 5 Award certificate when completed. Candidates must be able to attend all the full day sessions to meet ILM requirements.

The dates for the sessions and overview of content are as follows:

9/5/18 Induction session – outline of qualification, ILM student membership, overview of programme and delivery methods, discussion of assignment and timescales for the programme 9.15 –12.30
16/5/18 Session 1- Overview of leadership theories and models and the development of these, qualities of good leadership, the role of leadership at MMU and the differences between leadership & management 9:15-16:30
14/6/18 Session 2- candidates presentations on motivation, review of motivation theories, how to build motivation in teams. Delegation and empowerment the process and the benefits 9:15-16:30
27/6/18 Tutorial 1 – looking at the ILM 72 diagnostic. Using the coaching model to help people reflect on their own Leadership traits and the impact on them, the team and the organisation 13.00 – 16.30
18/7/18 Tutorial 2 – Damien Hughes take on Leadership and leaders, group preparation/individual tutorial time 9.15 – 12.30
25/7/18 Session 3 – The EI leader candidate presentations. Culture in organisations and the impact on leaders and leadership approaches 9:15-16:30
29/8/18 Session 4 – Leading change and transformation, tools for leaders to use, maintaining your own morale and supporting others when change is happening. Using the AI approach 9:15-16:30


If you would like to be considered for a place on the programme you need to complete a learning contract available HERE


If you would like more information on the course please contact Alison Laithwaite on 6410 or by e mail (Please note my working days are Wednesday – Friday)