Update on the Student Journey Transformation Project

Over the last few weeks, a number of workshops have taken place across the Faculties to engage with academics and discuss the Student Journey Transformation Programme (STJP).

Workshops were attended by over 80 academic staff and some student reps, and it was great to talk to so many engaged colleagues. The workshops featured a number of activities based around data and information held in university systems. The academics fed back what they thought was essential data for their roles, provoking some interesting discussions and ideas about future processes that could enable them.

IP BRM Education workshop1

The workshops, led by Professor Mark Langan were a great opportunity for the newly appointed SJTP Business Readiness Managers to meet colleagues from Faculties and introduce themselves. They will be out and about more over the months ahead, especially to help Faculties prepare for upcoming changes as part of the Programme.

Some familiar themes came out of the workshops and the SJTP Business Readiness Managers are busy working on FAQs to provide answers to the academic and professional services communities on questions raised. The team are also looking at devising some roadshows later in the year to increase awareness of the Programme in the wider University staff.

Professor Langan and the team will be preparing outputs from the workshops which will support a range of activities within the Programme over the coming months.

IP BRM Education workshop3

Our Business Readiness Managers will be attending all the Faculty Executive Groups to introduce themselves.  They will be getting to know the nominated Implementation and Transition Leads in each Faculty / area and developing a close working relationships to prepare for each SJTP Go Live stage.

We’ll share with you more information in coming weeks, including who your Faculty specific Business Readiness Manager is.

For more SJTP information, visit www.mmu.ac.uk/sjtp or if you have any questions get in touch with SJTPcomms@mmu.ac.uk