Telling Tales International Film and Audio Documentary Festival 2018 winners

The Telling Tales International Film and Audio Documentary Festival took place at the University last weekend– the UK’s first and only film festival dedicated to both cinema and audio documentary.

During the successful weekend, a raft of award winners were announced.

These were:


Audio Winners

 Grand Jury:  The Man who Buries Planes – Victoria Ferran


International Pro:

Winner: The Killing of James Mean –  Producers Trey Kay, Loretta Williams, Ashley Click and Mitch Hanley

Battle for Truth – Alison Baker


UK Pro:

Winner: Bluebelle – Hana Walker Brown

Whatcha Doin Marshall McLuhan – Dan Shepherd


Student International:

Winner: The American Shepherd – Caperton Morton


Student UK:

 Winner Iron Fist Velvet Glove – Wynne Taffinder

Hearing Distance – Faith Howley


Film Winners

 Grand Jury Prize

Sisterly- Nina Vallado


Pro UK

Winner Finding Wee Paddy –Director Peter Roch and Jason Davidson

Jim and the Palace – 2nd  Billy Craigan-Toon

Fallen Angels – 3rd  Dir. Kathryn Berry


Pro International

Winner The Illuminators  Director: Antti Hasse

Stand Up Stand Out – 2nd  David Pavlosky

That’s How it is and What – 3rd  Andres Ramirez


Student UK

Winner Limits of Freedom Dir. Joe Gist and Adrian Joseph

Market Missing – 2nd (with honourable mention) Dir. Oliver Nuttall, Nathan Johnson, Sebastian Hakim  

Damien –  Dir. Jameela Freeston, Holly Leece, Jonathan Banks X3


Student International

Winner Non Stop –Dir. Maxine Vernooji and Desi van Drel Can you print two forthese guys

Lili –  Dir. Annefleur van Waroij and Zoe van Alphen  X2

Protest Protocol –  Marco Poggio