Help the University to support you

Count me in!

Wherever you go, whatever activities you choose to do, people want to know things about you – your age, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, whether you’re disabled, your marital status but you’re probably wondering…

Why do you need to know?

It’s natural to feel protective of your personal information but the University asks you to provide your personal information for many reasons and there are some circumstances where providing your personal information can be of benefit in supporting you. By completing the ‘Additional Information’ section of your MyHR profile, you can help us to ensure that our approach to decision-making takes account of all staff groups. It also ensures that we are able to measure progress against the equality objectives we have set ourselves.

What do you do with the information?

There are very strict laws protecting your personal details – the new General Data Protection Regulation (‘GDPR‘) introduces requirements that detail how we are able to collect and use data, and how long we can legitimately keep your data.

The data we collect is used for monitoring purposes only; to assess the impact of our policies, identify inequality, measure progress against our equality objectives and to promote equality of opportunity for everyone. Many of our equality objectives were informed by this data, making it is easier for us to understand where we need to target initiatives to make our workplace inclusive for all staff.


To log your ‘Additional Information’, or to make changes to any of your personal details, log into your MyHR account using your regular university credentials, click on the ‘My Self’ tab at the top of the screen, and select ‘Personal Profile’ or ‘Change Personal Data’. You can edit any of your data here by clicking on the ‘pencil’ symbol and then clicking ‘save’. For a systematic visual guide to making changes, go to: How to Guide Updating your Additional Information


If you have a disability or mental/physical health condition, then you may be able to get additional support and adjustments in the workplace. Please note that if you select that you have a disability through MyHR, this will not automatically result in a reasonable adjustments conversation. It is important, therefore, that you arrange to speak to your line manager or HR Adviser to enable any necessary support to be put in place ASAP.  Here is the link to the University’s Reasonable Adjustment Form.

You may not know, but the University offers a free and confidential support and advice service called ‘Livewell’ to all its employees around the clock, all year round – Click here for details.